HypnoBirthing Galway – Hypnotherapy in Childbirth

Birthing is one of the female bodies most powerful and natural instincts. Image of bonnie baby in flower cap, hypnobirthing galway, hypnotherapy in childbirth, hypnobirthing ireland, hypnobirthing westmeath, gentle birth, gentle birthing, easy birth, calm childbirth, antenatal classes galway, antenatal classes athloneHypnosis is used to enhance the birthing experience by reducing fear and tension and by conditioning the body and mind for a calm, gentle and relaxed birth.

Private Classes

Siobhan Byrne is a licensed HypnoBirthing practitioner and works privately with women and couples to help them prepare for birthing.

Private instruction allows for a more personal and memorable experience and much deeper relaxation can be achieved with an experienced hypnotherapist. It also has the benefit of flexible appointments at the convenience of couples including evenings and weekends.

Benefits of Relaxed Childbirth

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€80 per couple per 2.5 hours of private tuition. The program consists of five 2.5 hour classes.

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You will also receive a FREE HypnoBirthing CD for daily practice.

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If you want to condition your mind and body for a relaxed, calm and gentle birth book your hypnobirthing classes now on 087 2055 475 or email us at

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