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Welcome to our specialist mind-body program for natural fertility and IVF treatment. Scientific research has shown that Hypnosis can more than double your chances of conceiving whether naturally or with medical assistance. We provide a high quality, confidential and professional service that is second to none and based in Galway, Ireland.

Program Benefits and Features

  • You reduce your stress levels immediately enhancing your ability to conceive.
  • You save time and money by being better prepared for medical procedures.
  • The program often results in natural conception even if you are preparing for medical treatment.
  • You learn the skills of deep hypnosis and relaxation which will stay with you for life and which will positively influence your long-term health.
  • You take responsibility for your fertility and clear any emotional blocks or negative thinking patterns.
  • You regain a sense of control over your fertility.
  • You will feel empowered through renewed freedom of choice and autonomy.
  • You feel completeness that you have done everything within your power and control to influence natural conception. This completeness brings acceptance that no matter what the future you will cope and all will be well.
  • Your practitioner is impartial and completely non-judgmental allowing you the freedom to speak openly and honestly no matter what is worrying you.
  • Your therapy is completely confidential and your privacy will be maintained.
  • The program helps you build your strength and your coping ability, meaning that you can look forward to the long-term no matter what the outcome. This gives you the freedom to move on with your life in acceptance.


Rather than a time of stress, anguish and worry our aim at Harmony Hypnosis Galway is for you to look back on this time as one of empowerment, positivity and strength. It is much more likely that you will conceive if your body and mind are in a relaxed, positive and receptive state. This applies whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with the assistance of IVF treatment.

An Empowering Mind-Body Fertility Program

At Harmony Hypnosis Galway we offer an empowering mind-body fertility program to enhance your natural fertility or IVF treatment.  Typically 2-3 sessions are required but many women enjoy the full six-session program at time intervals of their choosing. Evening and weekend appointments are also available for your convenience.

An Integrated Approach to Infertility

Approximately one in six couples have problems conceiving and there are many possible factors that affect fertility. An integrated approach combining physical, mental and emotional interventions is more likely to produce positive results and help make fertility problems much easier for people to deal with. The role of the mind and the emotions in fertility is a vital one, that is often overlooked.

Fertility Hypnosis

Fertility Hypnosis is one of the most effective tools for helping the mind to support the body to conceive and give birth, as well as to help people to cope better with the experience of infertility.

Visualisation for Conception

Relaxation techniques and visualisation for conception can be very effective. Visualisation for IVF also helps to increase the effectiveness of IVF treatment, and studies have shown that embryo transfer is 50% more effective with hypnosis.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can block your progress but with hypnosis for fertility, you will learn to enhance your natural ability to conceive and/or enhance the chances of successful IVF treatment.

Internationally Acclaimed Fertility Programs

At Harmony Hypnosis Galway we provide a natural fertility program utilising hypnotherapy and other mind-body techniques to treat and support couples with infertility problems.

We tailor a treatment plan for your personal circumstances and draw on techniques from international programs such as the Fertile Body Method, the Fertility by Hypnosis Method and the HypnoBirthing Fertility Method.

Free Brochure and Top 10 Tips for Trying to Conceive

Telephone or text us on 087 2055 475 or Email us at mail@harmonyhypnosis.ie for a free Fertility Hypnosis Brochure which provides an outline of what you can expect from the six-session program but remember you choose which sessions you need and how many.

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To learn even more about how you can give yourself the best chance to conceive scroll to the bottom of any page and join our mailing list where you can access our free ‘Harmony Top Tens’ including the ‘Top 10 Tips for Trying to Conceive’. The free guides also contain a  ‘thank you’ bonus for joining our list.


€135 per 1.5 hour session

SAVE up to €20 per session by downloading our FREE ‘Harmony Top Tens’ and joining our mail list – just scroll down to the bottom of any page and enter your details.

The fee includes a FREE ½ hour in the first session, which is typically 2 hours.

You will also receive a FREE CD for daily practice in the first session.

You will also receive instruction in self-hypnosis in the first session.

In the majority of cases, one to three sessions are required but you can choose up to six sessions from our comprehensive natural fertility program which draws on the international Fertile Body Method, Fertility by Hypnosis Method and Hypnobirthing Fertility programs. Please see the free guide ‘Top 10 Tips for Trying to Conceive’ for more information.

Please ask for information about even more discounts if you pay for the entire 6 session fertility program upfront.


We take care of your data and you can read our privacy policy by clicking the ‘About‘ button above.


If you want to  give yourself the best chance to conceive with Harmony Hypnosis and fertility hypnosis Galway simply telephone us now on 087 2055 475 for an appointment or email us at mail@harmonyhypnosis.ie

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