Phobias, Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Phobias are often created when the mind associates something with the fear response. Although some fears seem to be irrational in some part of the mind there is a valid reason why that stimulus was associated to fear.

Modern techniques in hypnosis mean that the fear associated with phobias and traumatic events can now be eliminated or reduced without the need for a person to feel traumatised or re-victimised.

How we can help

At Harmony Hypnosis Galway you can typically eliminate or reduce substantially, panic responses in one session. Alternatively, you can choose a more gradual approach over a number of sessions. The first session lasts approximately two hours and if you require more sessions they are typically 1.5 hours each. You will also receive a free CD for daily stress reduction.

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€135 per 1.5 hour session

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The fee includes a FREE ½ hour in the first session, which is typically 2 hours.

You will also receive a FREE CD for daily practice in the first session.

You will also receive instruction in self-hypnosis in the first session.

In the majority of cases, one to two sessions are required but you can choose up to six sessions from our comprehensive stress reduction program if you prefer a more gradual approach. Please see the free guide ‘Top 10 Phobia Reactions Explained’ for more information.


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