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Hypnosis can help you condition your mind to achieve your health, fitness and vitality goals. It can help correct faulty thinking and associations around food and help you get control over non-hunger-related eating.

Unlike most programs, which focus only on diet and exercise, hypnotherapy can include suggestions for ego-strengthening, decision-making, stress management, self-soothing, mental rehearsal, and enhanced motivation, all of which are helpful in successful weight management.

Harmony Programs

At Harmony Hypnosis we offer a range of program options including the Gastric Hypnoband or the WHY Weight program. You deserve vitality, happiness and a healthy relationship with food.

Top Ten Slimming Benefits

Amplify your motivation now by downloading our free high-quality guide ‘Top Ten Slimming Benefits’. The free guides below also contain a  ‘thank you’ bonus for joining our list.


€135 per 1.5 hour session

SAVE up to €20 per session by downloading our FREE ‘Harmony Top Tens’ and joining our mail list – just scroll down to the bottom of any page and enter your details.

The fee includes a FREE ½ hour in the first session, which is typically 2 hours.

You will also receive a FREE CD for daily practice in the first session.

You will also receive instruction in self-hypnosis in the first session.

You can choose up to six sessions from our comprehensive WHY weight reduction program or you can complete the four-session Gastric Hypnoband program. Each program comes with CDs and program material for homework. Please see the free guide ‘Top 10 Slimming Benefits’ for more information.

Ask about even more discounts if you pay upfront for all 6 sessions of the WHY weight program or the 4 sessions of the Gastric Hypnoband program.


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