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When you are ready to stop smoking, hypnosis acts as a powerful facilitator for change. It helps you to remain calm, neutralises negativity, boosts your confidence, and conditions the mind for success.


As a 20 a day smoker you will save an average of €370 per month (or €4400 per year) when you quit and you will look back on your decision to quit smoking as one of the most liberating decisions you have ever made. What will you do with all the money you are going to save?

Amplify Your Motivation

Stop smoking hypnosis, has been acknowledged by many as the most effective help available if you are quitting smoking. You can start to amplify your motivation to stop smoking now by downloading our free high-quality guide ‘Top Ten Benefits to Quit Smoking’. The free guides also contain a  ‘thank you’ bonus for joining our list.


€275 per one-stop-session

SAVE up to €50 off the one-stop-session by downloading our FREE ‘Harmony Top Tens’ and joining our mail list – just scroll down to the bottom of any page and enter your details.

The one-stop-session is typically 2 – 2.5 hours. and you will also receive a FREE CD. You will also receive instruction in self-hypnosis.

If you prefer a more gradual staggered approach you can choose how many sessions you need. Gradual sessions cost €135 per 1.5 hour session. You can still SAVE up to €20 per gradual session by downloading our FREE ‘Harmony Top Tens’ and joining our mail list – just scroll down to the bottom of each page and enter your details. Please see the free guide ‘Top 10 Benefits to Quit Smoking’ for more information.


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